Our Fee Structure

Being Up Front About Fees

At our first meeting with you, we will discuss an estimate of the fees payable by you for the work you instruct us to do on your behalf. We have a number of options available to give you some flexibility in how you can pay our fees.

Cost Agreements

Information about Solicitors Costs and also an estimate of our Fees and Disbursements are written up by us in a Costs Agreement. Once you have engaged our firm we will provide you with a Costs Agreement to sign and return to us. If the legal work is under $750 we will provide you with a Cost Disclosure Form detailing our fee and how it is calculated. Where we have provided you with a Cost Agreement we will endeavor to only charge you the estimate in that Agreement unless there is a substantial change. If there has been a substantial change in circumstances or you have instructed us to do additional work we will provide you with a fresh estimate. Costs disclosure allows us to work within your budget and also provides you with some certainty of your financial commitment.

Fixed Fees

In less complex matters we provide a fixed fee package. This means that there will be no variation from that price. We provide fixed fee packages in the following:

  • Straight forward Traffic Matters
  • Straight forward Sentences
  • Wills and Powers of Attorneys
  • Victim Support and Compensation

Hourly Rate and Timed Fees

Where we are working for you in a complex matter we will provide you an estimate of your fees based upon our hourly rate. Your Lawyer will discuss their hourly rate with you at your first meeting. This means that you are billed for the number of hours work we do on your behalf. Work will be timed and attributed to your bill pro rata. All work and times are recorded and made available to you in your account.

Payment Stages

We will identify set stages throughout your matter where you will receive an Invoice from us for work done to date. We ask that you pay those Invoices within 7 days.

Part Payment Agreements

Ask us if it is more suitable for you to enter a Part Payment Agreement. You can then pay your fees on an agreed basis throughout the period we are working on your matter. We will stop working for you if you do not maintain your payments. We are happy to accept part payment of our final Invoice with prior notice.


Disbursements are costs that we pay on your account such as filing fees, subpoena conduct money, printing, couriers and search fees. We estimate these costs and for many matters they are quite minimal. For conveyances these costs can amount to around $300. Where we know that we will be incurring these fees on your behalf we will ask for disbursements costs to be paid up-front into our Trust Account.

Barrister Fees

There are times that you will require us to instruct a Barrister or engage a Psychiatrist or other specialist on your behalf. We will organize with you to pay that Professional directly or we will ask you to pay their fee promptly into our Trust Account to enable forward payment.

Payment Conditions and Methods

Unless otherwise agreed we ask that you pay our Invoices within 7 days. Our preferred method of payment is by EFT. We also have ANZ Fast Pay facilities for all credit cards. This can be done in person or by telephone (95453273).

EFT details

Brady and Associates Lawyers Pty Ltd, BSB: 012 430 A/C no: 2081 40205 (please include your name in reference) Alternatively Brady and Associates Lawyers are happy to receive payment by cheque or cash.