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You are welcome to contact Brady and Associates Lawyers. We can talk initially on the telephone to arrange a confidential meeting or you may prefer to contact us with an email.

Office: Suite 40, First Floor, 61-65 Glencoe St, Sutherland NSW 2232

Mail: PO Box 665 Jannali NSW 2226

Phone:(02) 9545 3273 or mobile 0410-742-578

Fax:(02) 9542 4140 Alternatively try:

Don't get lost in the Crowd

Finding the offices of Brady and Associate Lawyers is easy. Our street entrance in on Stapleton Avenue. We are a 5 minute walk from Sutherland Railway Station.We are also just a 2 minute walk from Sutherland Court House and Sutherland Police Station. There is 2 hour parking in Stapleton and Belmont Avenue, with some short term visitor parking on site.